The more I learn about genetic engineered food, the less I want to eat them. I am not the only one who feels this way. Public opinion in Europe against GMO foods has forced companies to provide their consumers with non-gmo foods. These same companies sell Americans the same products with gmo ingredients.

A wide array of interest groups that have lined up against Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) hope President Obama’s commitment to eradicating health care reform bad habits extends to the nation’s de facto investment in genetically modified crops which have been linked to 65 health risks and long-term health care costs.

GMOs are the result of laboratory processes, which artificially insert foreign genes into the DNA of food, crops or animals. Those genes may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans.

With a growing body of new scientific evidence behind them, experts say that any acceptance of the safety of GMOs flies in the face of modern scientific methods. They point out the handful of original safety studies on file come primarily from GMO patent holders themselves.

“Multiple animal studies have shown that GM Foods cause damage to various organ systems in the body,” said Dr. Amy Dean, a Board Member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. “With this mounting evidence, it is imperative to have a moratorium on GM Foods for the safety of our patients’ and the public’s health.”

The White House staff now grows organic vegetables in a much-publicized garden for the first family. A lesser-known fact is the former president and Mrs. Bush insisted on an organic diet at the same time the administration pushed international trade in biotech foods. This is so hypocritical it makes me sick. I guess its good enough for the slaves but not for the lords and kings. Obama’s pick for the dept. of agriculture comes straight from Monsanto, so I’m not holding my breath for any regulations againts gmo’s.

The No GMO Challenge co-sponsored by the Institute for Responsible Technology and is a consumer-led movement to end consumer demand for genetically modified organisms.

Organizers of the No GMO Challenge hope U.S. shoppers will flex their considerable spending power to buy non-GMO products. They offer a free non-GMO shopping guide for consumers to download.

Similar to the successful Eat Local Challenge, the No GMO Challenge is a way to organize, educate and build awareness around the issue of genetically modified food.

I have been avoiding purchasing food with GMO ingredients for about 2 years now, and its really not that difficult. Just don’t buy any food with corn, cotton, canola or soy ingredients unless they are organic. This basically means you can’t buy conventional processed foods because they are all contaminated. Your dollar is a much more powerful vote then an election vote, because companies will actualy listen to the consumer if the pressure is high enough. In Europe the tide changed ina matter of weeks, we need to change the tide in the US soon, before it is too late.

Go to this website to lean more.

Go to this website to get a GMO free shoping guide

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